Learning From Our Cultural Sibling


Upon returning from the trip, I was met by many friends, family, and colleagues that wanted to hear about my time in the UK.  I was peppered with questions: What was your favorite part?  Did you see the Queen?  Is the food really that bad? To which my answers were: Impossible to pick one, no, … Continue reading



Our last stop during the UK Experience was at the Houses of Parliament. We first stopped at the Jewel Tower. Contrary to what it sounds like, the Jewel Tower actually housed historical records that were important to British history. I expected to see more than what they had display in the tower, but to see … Continue reading


16 May 2013 - GSK - 2

Once you moved past the sheer size and variety of things to do in the GSK building one thing stood out, BREO. BREO was everywhere: banners, pamphlets, shop windows, by the restaurant/food menus. I even overheard several different GSK associates buzzing about it. During out presentation they briefly touched upon this subject a couple times … Continue reading

You have to be there to sense the enormity and activity of the company


The Lehigh UK experience was coming to and end. The trip to GSK was set for Thursday morning. We left the Carlton club early in the morning and took the bus, everyone perfectly dressed as per the Carlton Club’s dress code requires. We later knew that we didn’t disappoint anyone when we met the people … Continue reading


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