Learning From Our Cultural Sibling


Upon returning from the trip, I was met by many friends, family, and colleagues that wanted to hear about my time in the UK.  I was peppered with questions: What was your favorite part?  Did you see the Queen?  Is the food really that bad? To which my answers were: Impossible to pick one, no, … Continue reading

“It is impossible to ignore that global trends affect us all in significant ways.” Jasmine Surti, MBA Alumna


Jasmine Surti, Lehigh MBA Alumna ’12 and Nottingham MBA Martindale Fellow ’11, reflects on her experience with and passion for travel. I’m a firm believer that gaining a variety of life experiences is essential for personal growth.  When I was younger, my family was concerned, or at times even shocked, by my strong drive to … Continue reading

Angie Kropf, UK Lehigh Alumna, shares her experience at Stonehenge


Angela Kropf, Lehigh MBA student and Sales Representative at Thermo Fisher Scientific, participated in the 2012 UK field experience in London and Nottingham. Angie decided to take advantage of her free time on Saturday to explore Stonehenge. Here is her story: During the last day in London, I decided to take a bus trip to … Continue reading


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