Lehigh Silicon Valley: January 6-13 | #LSV2013


LehighSiliconValley is an incredible (and highly selective!) opportunity created by Lehigh’s Baker Institute for Lehigh University undergraduate and graduate business students and alumni to immerse themselves in the hub of entrepreneurship. They will take part in a series of live case studies focusing on real companies, real players and their current real challenges.

Students took part in pre-trip orientation classes on December 1 and 8 to prepare for the immersion from Sunday, January 6 through Sunday, January 13.

The lineup, from Alan Patricof to Zoosk, can be found here.

Three Lehigh MBA students will be participating this year: Alison Badala, Jake Huber and Raveen Beemsingh. Jake and Raveen will be contributing their findings to this blog, so stay tuned!

To get a better sense of what the Lehigh Silicon Valley experience is about, take a look at last year’s video:

The Baker Institute will be posting on Tumblr. (Check out last year’s!)

You can follow @BakerLehigh and #LSV2013 for live updates. We’ll also be following along @lehighmba. Please feel free to jump in and ask questions!

Photo courtesy of LSV2012 Tumblr

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